PMK+Designers recently completed a modern project for a newlywed couple  in Taiwan, entitled “Between Art and Music”. The aim of the apartment was to give the client a night and day difference from their day job where white marble counter tops and bright walls surround their dental clinic.  We wanted to give the owners the ease and comfort they so desire in their first home as a newlywed couple. This is a place to clear the mind, a retreat from the bustle of work life.

Designed in clean modern lines, minimal in materials and palette, natural materials – concrete, stone, stucco and wood, and the soft tones of the walls and furniture instill the house in tranquility and warmth, augment the space and provide an appropriate setting for a collection of contemporary paintings. The wall which provides backdrop for art work is the center piece of the home.  It was treated as an art piece all by itself.  It had been done and redone with layer after layer of concrete, white concrete, washed paint, and sanded down repeatedly to give that mild texture that you might find in contemporary art paintings.

The apartment’s perimeter contains everyday rooms such as the kitchen, living room and master bedroom. The center is a transitional area, a point of entry and a spiritual refuge.  For the owners, between art and music which changes periodically, living in this space is a constantly changing reminder of the nature and importance of reflection and contemplation. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by PMK+Designers]