Away from the city rush, on a small plot of land (210 square meters), a single-family home in a picturesque settlement is all some of us need, in order to experience the wonders of a new and fresh lifestyle. The V House, designed by BaksvanWengerden Architecten in Alkmaar (the Netherlands) is an interesting example of modern architecture, being all cladded in ceramic tiles. A wonderful and relaxing garden spreads ahead, just for you, to simply enjoy spectacular views while reading your favourite newspaper in the morning. On the South, the kitchen opens up to a formal front yard. The bedrooms are located upstairs, for an additional amount of privacy.

The design of the house looks interesting, without being too edgy. “The position and proportions of the building plot as well as the different views and privacy resulted in a north-south orientation on the ground floor which is organized around a free-standing box containing services and mechanical and electrical components for the surrounding spaces“. It is rather a solid house with a humble aspect. The striking element is definitely the garden, with its exquisite lush vegetation. Soak your senses into deep relaxation and enjoy the view!