Integrated in a picturesque setting in Normandy, France, among orchards and forests, the minimalist G House by Lode Architecture demonstrates that 100 square meters are more than enough for building a comfortable crib. The monochrome building was built using laminated wooden panels and slate cladding, which reacts to the changing skies of Normandy.

Once inside, visitors will come across cozy, yet hollow volumes and furniture arrangements reflecting practicability more than anything else: “A series of load-bearing walls, made of wooden panels, carve the space. Openings, cut in their thickness, create ways, frame interior views or invite the nearby landscape in. By using the effects of superimpositions and gaps, these picture windows give a kaleidoscopic vision of the home and its inhabitants“. Durability, aesthetics and integration within the local landscape were the main objectives of the architects when building the project. [Photography by Daniel Moulinet]