Located in West Hollywood, Norwich Drive Residence by Clive Wilkinson Architects showcases modern glamor, yet mixed with good taste. According to the architects, “the design needed to express the transition from commercial strip to small scale residential neighborhood, so the scale and detail respond to both conditions. Construction is simple cubic stucco forms, with exposed wood structure, and softened with landscaping“. The house is mirrored by a 48 Ft swimming pool. 

A good indoor-outdoor connection was achieved by opening up the social areas at the bottom level towards the garden and swimming pool. But bringing the outside features into the residence does not stop here: “The master suite is located in the rear, with its own courtyard, and has a bathroom that enjoys large glass doors to the pool and a shower that connects directly, allowing a convenient way to shower after swimming. The upstairs area is devoted to flexible bedroom, office and studio space‘. We appreciate the subtle mix of textures and color displayed by this US home (spotted on Afflante), inspiring relaxation and good vibes throughout.