A small modern family in Thailand commissioned the creative team at Ayutt and Associates Design to develop their dream home in Bangkok, Thailand. YAK01 House is an imposing L-shaped building, alternating open and closed spaces and benefiting from outdoor space. Inspired from the layout of a Thai traditional house, the project makes the most of the central courtyard, which functions as a foyer before accessing the main living area.

Structurally and functionally, the residence is described by the architects as follows: “The main living space is located in the center as the floating pavilion where the family can enjoy the outdoor garden and swimming pool. The master bedroom upstairs is entirely cantilevered over the whole length of front foyer. It is designed in a cubic shape to create feature architectural element. The other two bedrooms are located on another side of the house by extending on top of the swimming pool on a cantilevered concrete slab enclosed by a big glass wall with black aluminum cladding“. A generously-sized swimming was positioned  parallel to the building in order to direct cool air into the house.