Located in the cosmopolite Lisbon, the C+P House, designed by Gonçalo das Neves Nunes is an imposing contemporary house, made of concrete, glass and a touch of walnut. Due to the site’s topography, the house allows two entries, on two different levels. Its raw monolithic aspect is softened by the large range of terraces and  balconies, which create a flawless balance and a smooth transition between environments. The interior looks a little bit cold (thanks to the abundance of concrete), but the floor-to-ceiling windows allow a good light penetration and the walnut furniture and flooring create a more lively atmosphere.

All the social zones are organized at the main floor while the private areas can be found at the upper floor. A large courtyard surrounds the house. From the lower level terrace you have direct access to  the swimming pool. The C+P House is sumptuous (it spreads over 3,466 square feet). Despite its massive aspect, it can be also defined a space characterized by a significant amount of privacy, calm and tranquility. You can check a whole range of photos made by Fernando Guerra, below.