Simply stunning! This is how we describe the Wilanów Penthouse, located in Warsaw, Poland, designed by HOLA Design. Impeccable white details meet soft natural colours, creating a unique breezy atmosphere, where you can relax and enjoy the small things in life. Each and every one of us dreams of stressless lifestyle. A tranquil living environment definitely helps us reach that peace of mind we all look for. This penthouse is defined by a variety of styles.

The terrace is surprisingly spacious, offering amazing views over the city of Warsaw. Bright and spacious, the penthouse is comfortable  and elegant, due to its neat furnishing and neutral palette of colours. Here is what the designers say regarding this penthouse’s concept:  “In the living area and bedrooms floor finished with natural oak planks. Spacious bedroom with an open, walk-in transitive closet and two separate, lockable wardrobes and an en suite bathroom. Both bathrooms in a very bright pure white. Insulated creations stylised accessories and components.”