From a range of selected materials, this 5-room villa in Hovås, one of the finest districts in Gothernburg, Sweden is a fine example of stylish and precious design. The villa was built of very expensive materials and everything, starting with the façade and ending up with the cozy interior were executed to perfection. A large spectrum of neutral colours embellish the interior: form different shades of browns, to greys and white, the interior expresses luminosity. Despite the “cold” neutral colours, the living room and the kitchen (which form one single big room) have a warm and cozy appearance, thanks to the stunning authentic fireplace and the cozy fuzzy carpets, laid on the floors.

The 5-room villa is like a shelter dedicated to your senses, enhancing the feeling of relaxation. The terrace captures wonderful views over the woods, recharging you with energy when needed. There’s nothing sophisticated expect the simplicity itself. You can find more about this spectacular Hovås villa on the Skeppsholmen‘s official website. The villa is currently for sale!