Complementing the nature, the San Lorenzo Residence adds a touch of value to the surrounding landscapes, without “stealing” their glory. Ideal for a family that seeks an airy lifestyle and overall, peacefulness, the house located in Los Angeles, USA, nearby a golf course, responds to the needs of the clients: it is spacious and it promotes the idea of open (and transparent) living space.

Designed and developed by Mike Jacobs Architecture, the residence is an uncluttered home environment, with a spectacular interior private garden. “The large open living space is central to the organization and performance of the house; the space of exchange. Pocket sliding doors open the south wall to the garden and north facing windows unfold to view the fairways create direct connections to the exterior. These large openings passively cool the house and draw fresh air deep into the residual spaces to naturally ventilate the home.”  The house is perceived as the intersection of two L-shaped blocks uniting: one accommodates the social living space with the living room and the lounge area, that can be used for different outdoor activities and the other one, wrapped in cedar and stucco, the bedrooms.