Meet the exquisite chic and enjoy the atmosphere created by the award-winning Australian designer, Robert Simeoni. Envisioned as artful house, that combines subtle lines of design with gorgeous modern details, the house located on the 27th Main Street in Northcote, Melbourne, is a breezy living space and moreover, it is now for sale! The RT Edgar agency is responsible with the selling.

Welcoming, yet sophisticated, the house offers unique moments of tranquility. The house, paved with vertical wooden tiles is surrounded by a beautiful small garden. The rich palette of trees and vegetation transform this outdoor space into a green oasis, dedicated to your senses. The living room and the dining area are separated by the courtyard through transparent (made of glass) sliding doors and floor-to-ceiling windows. “As welcoming as it is intimate and sophisticated, architectural voids invite the environs in, over two floodlit levels, to a series of expansive living zones for a subtle, relaxed ambience.”  The interior is breezy and uncluttered, integrating gorgeous elements of décor, such as photo collage paintings, a fancy fireplace and modern furnishing.