As if defying the harsh weather in Lapland, Villa Valtanen envisioned by Arkkitehtitoimisto Louekari inspires coziness and warmth. This uncommon wilderness retreat composed of a living space, sauna, and woodshed, employs ancient timber structures connected by using principles of contemporary architecture: “The living room and sauna have a log frame with fishtail corner joints, which is a typical old Finnish building system. Between sauna and Living room is a lofty space with big windows opening onto the forest landscape of Lapland.

The side walls are clad in tarred 45 mm planking which acts like a ‘raincoat’ and allows the use of a short eaves with almost no overhang. The gable walls are sheltered by a traditional eaves with a long overhang. The log frames, windows, doors, facade moldings and other joinery were made by local firms. The only products imported from outside were the solar panels and their batteries and the composting toilet”. As a Northern Norway enthusiast, this simple, yet creative project made my day. How do you find it?