A notable design collaboration between the traverso-vighy architecture studio and the University of Padua’s Department of Technical Physics led to the development of Residence TVZEB, an experimental zero energy building. The new project was especially built to accommodate an environmentally-sound architecture studio and is located in a few kilometers from the historic center of Vicenza, Italy.

The dwelling has a total surface of 190 square meters and was constructed from parts, combining CNC machined and handcrafted components: “The larch glulam and galvanized steel structure is suspended along two longitudinal lines of the foundation and was dry assembled on site: all building components are made from recyclable and/or recycled materials and can be dismantled. The building can be disassembled at the end of its life cycle and its materials can be separated and recycled, restoring the site to the natural landscape“. The residence is entirely fueled by internal energy sources (wood combustion, solar and geothermal energies).