The McClellan Architects studio has envisioned the Lake House 2 as an uncluttered temple of relaxation and well-being. The construction was pretty challenging, due to the tricky landscape (very steep). The view is absolutely breathtaking – this actually made the architects realise the advantage of such an environment and as a consequence, they created a series of patios and spaces, that focus more on establishing a connection with nature. The inhabitants can enjoy stunning sunsets nearby the water. “The home is conceived as a single living environment expressing the seeming dichotomy between interior and exterior living spaces pivoting around the central kitchen and hearth.  Rather than “bring the outside in,” Lake House brings the inside out.”

The Lake House 2 is surrounded by a maze of greenery, attracting positive energy and giving you the feeling that this is the perfect spot to settle down, because the environment is so healthy and inspiring! The site is also very romantic and the courtyard, located right above the water, offers spectacular views, especially at dusk. The interior is luminous and very chic, sprinkled with many natural elements of décor (such as cladding stones and wooden finishings).