Overlooking the botanical gardens of Wellington, the Sea View House is an exquisite contemporary home designed by Parsonson Architects. Two iron roof sections set up the structure of the house, framing it and creating an interesting visual effect. The site is simply stunning: you’ve got the sea with its wonderful golden beaches, the mountains, the gardens and the city. Creating a harmonic interior, the architects wanted to achieve a space ideal for a large family of different age groups. Besides the metallic roof framing, plenty of cladded wood has been used in defining it.The two gestures (the iron framing) create “varying geometries and spaces with differing characters, materials and levels of light.”

Almost every room has an amazing view. The Sea View House, like the name already points it out, promises a very relaxing environment. The sunlight tickles especially in the morning and in the afternoon: you can take advantage of it and enjoy some lazy hours spoiling yourself with a good book and a cup of coffee. The house is envisioned as a transparent space, aiming to focus on what you actually have to see outside and somehow connecting the inhabitant with the surroundings.