Mobil Arquitectos have completed the design for the Refugia Hotel, a modern retreat located in Dalcahue, Los Lagos Region, Chile. The imposing modern project has a total surface of 1,250 square meters and takes in the rich biodiversity of the surrounding wetlands. Extensive glass facades and wooden-clad ceilings of larch define the hotel’s design and ensure an optimum environmental connection.

According to the creative team behind the project, “the architecture of the hotel seeks to plant a light footprint on the topography of the landscape. In the manner of a bridge, a linear arrangements of rooms, suspended on four concrete pillars, is designed to be a structural composition perched on a hilltop, rather than an opaque edifice growing out of it, maximizing light, space, sky and perspective.” Sustainability was a major factor taken into consideration when developing the plans for the modern edifice. Passive design strategies that optimize the use of energy were employed, including harnessing the sun’s heat trapped in concrete floors or radiant heat cross for common spaces cool. [Photographs & Video: Nico Saieh]