Really picturesque, this stunning residence bordered by the woodlands, was designed by the architect Robert M. Gurney. Away from the urban landscape, the Becherer House, located in Albemarle County, Virginia, is composed of three pavilions, each with different views upon the beautiful autumnal site. The central pavilion, accommodating the living room and the kitchen is the most transparent, flooded by light and with a stunning opening towards the pastures that surround, on one side, the house. “A screened porch and bluestone terrace, running the length of the house provides a stage to view sunsets over the pastures while a manicured lawn and dry-stacked slate wall provide an ordered transition from the house to the woods beyond.” 

Ideal to rediscover the simple things in life, but not in a simplistic manner, this is the place to be, if you’re looking for a relaxing environment, in order to fill your life with happy moments. The interior is neat and cozy, embellished with wood finishings. Simply lovely, the contemporary Becherer House blossoms in autumn time, when the leaves begin to change colours, revealing a wonderful play of ever-changing colours. Is there something in particular you like about this residence?