Welcome to the exotic Thailand! Breathtaking views, amazing people, interesting food and an entire range of activities that might seem exotic to the Western tourist, are worth taking the “risk” of exploring the boundaries of an awesome Thai lifestyle! Finding yourself on a land that exhales cultural diversity, the Baan Citta house, located in the North part of the busy city of Bankok is the work of XXS, a design studio that mainly focuses on balancing aesthetics with functionality and creating seamless flows between spaces, in order to understand the client’s vision of an “ideal home” and  bring him closer to his comfort zone.

Really fascinating, the house has a beautiful view over the lake. You can enjoy the beautiful lake sunsets from the intimacy of  the upper bedrooms. What’s really amazing is the fact that you can also enjoy the lake view from the swimming pool, giving you that particular feeling that you are about to immerse into infinity. The house is really spacious and inspiring, due to the client’s request, who wanted a zen home, a perfect escape with plenty of open spaces. Baan Citta also inspires a strong connection with the environment.