What a wonderful atmosphere managed to create Georgia Ezra, the head of G. A.B. B. E. studio! Take a look at the exquisite Brighton Escape house in Australia and let the positive energy flood your senses! We really like this stunning interior space because it is the result of a wonderful play of shapes (without being too eccentric) and it also inspires a warm feeling of belonging in a place that evokes serenity. Contemporary lines, beautiful curves and impeccable finishings – this is what the Brighton Escape house is made of.

The interior captures the tranquility of the natural environment, making the inhabitant feel like tasting the sweet escape of freedom. The courtyard has corners sprinkled with zen pebbles and a green emerald grass field surrounds the house. “The space was treated from its genesis, with the same respect for design as a museum. Carving of ceiling, walls and floor not only creates sculptural partitions throughout the residence, but with the spirit of a rock pool, provides channels to flow through and delineates ample space in which to dwell together.”  The result is a harmonic composition, that seems to evolve together with its inhabitants.