Cruz, S.L completed a bakery design in France, in the town of Albi and sent us information about the project: The bakery itself, with a floor space of 100 m2, is located right under the shop and is where all the bread (which is widely known in Albi), dry pasta, pastries, petits fours and macaroons are made from scratch. Because Albi is a small town, we have based our sales strategy on creating a close connection between the customer and the shop attendants. Therefore, the main display case is completely centered in the shop and customers are served on their side. This does not inconvenience the shop assistants in the least, as we have strategically placed work stations on all four sides of the case.

Among the shop’s furnishings, the bespoke central cake display case is particularly striking and was specially designed to best meet the needs of the customer. The display case is made of fixed and sliding glass, offering complete access from any point around its perimeter. The bottom is fitted with drawers for the packaging materials needed to wrap the products sold. The material used in the general design of this bakery display case is a type of melamine in black to highlight the rest of the decor on the premises. [Photos and information received via e-mail by ]