Here’a a fine example of sustainable design! The Lotheringen House project illustrates how a barn can be reinterpreted in our contemporary times, keeping a simplistic, yet dynamic structure. Built on a farm estate, the house designed by Emilio Eftychis, reminds us of where the raw materials were kept once. Despite its barn-like shape, the house has also typical South African details, reflecting the vernacular architecture. Verandas embellish the ground floor, showcasing a series of interesting openings. “The design of this space heightens the senses: it breathes, and is animated by light and air. the threshold between the interior and exterior is constantly blurred.” 

Despite the massive asymmetrical look, the Lotheringen House has plenty of “cut outs”, inviting you to enjoy the benefits of the gorgeous site, while reading a book on the terrace. The wooden deck extends inside the house, creating a smooth transition between the two environments. The interior has also elements of raw design, mixing concrete with metal and wood. The house is surrounded by a green courtyard, enhancing the feeling of countryside freedom. Is there something in particular you like about this project?