Otto Medem Arquitectura completed the design for an imposing residence, conveniently located in the mountains of the Madrid region in Spain. The house has a total area of 800 square-meters ( 8600 square feet) and is structured on three levels. From afar, the project can be mistaken for a miniature fortress painted in a vibrant white, powerfully contrasting the surroundings. Its seamlessly chaotic ramifications have a well defined role: that of ensuring unobstructed views from all the rooms of the residence.

The bedrooms are located at the third level and are flooded in natural light from the large windows. The most spectacular element of the project is “an imposing boulder found intruding in the middle of the plot, which was not removed and instead made into a uniting element around which leisure activities are organized, making its presence in the inside as much as the outside. This acts as a sort of base around which the dwelling develops“. Further amenities of Casa El Viento include a swimming pool and a sauna. Find the place welcoming?