Surrounded by a maze of greenery, the Urban Cabin, a project developed by the architectural studio, Suyama Peterson Deguchi in Washington, is more than a simple relaxing home. Located in the heart of a spectacular site, the  house reflects the need of man to truly connect with the environment, in order to live in harmony. The Urban Cabin was designed for a simple life. Like an escape from the crowded cities.

Surrounded by vegetation, the house (designed for a couple, already familiar with the place), is gently protected from the eyes of the neighbours, being basically “hidden” by the luxuriant vegetation. “Conceptually, the design was inspired by a picnic shelter in a forest. The ideas of a primitive picnic shelter gave direction to both the building’s form and minimal program requirements. All program elements were reduced of excesses and distilled down to the elemental.”  As you step inside the house, you observe the natural influence: an improvised tree becomes the core of the house, while the wooden tiles adorning the walls create a cozy (and authentic natural-like) atmosphere. In order to reflect the idea that the boundaries between the two environments disappear, the tiles were also extending to the outdoor lounge area, surrounding and offering additional privacy for the inhabitants, whenever they feel like enjoying a relaxing tan session.