When it comes to large (okay, very large) apartments, coziness is a factor that is not usually taken into consideration. We were pleasantly surprised to see this 7-room, 340 square meter apartment in Stockholm (found on Skeppsholmen) exuding so much warmth. The unusual home takes up the last two floors of a lovely building in the center of the city and makes the most out of its attic, where a library and three small bedrooms are located.

One of the most interesting features of the upper level is a lounge space right besides the stairway, where a very intimate atmosphere is created with the help of wooden accents and comfortable furniture. The bottom floor hosts an open plan living and dining space, the kitchen, a large bedroom and plenty ingenious storage solutions. There are many inspirational ideas that can derive from analyzing the design of this home in depth, so we wish you a fun time doing just that.