The modern Cedarvale Ravine House was especially designed by Drew Mandel Architects for a family of four in Toronto, Canada. The infill project has a privileged location in its mid-town residential neighborhood, as it opens up to protected woodlands. According to the architects, the design solution “solves programmatic requirements, maximizes views, provides natural light, and enhances the promenade and transition from sub-urban street scape to contact with very primal forms of nature“.

The structure of the residence was adapted to the characteristics of the site: “Circulation modulates through a series of intimate and expansive spaces and courtyards to a glass-enclosed single-story volume at the rear of the property. It is the kitchen and family room and the heart of the house. Large expanses of glass dematerialize the stone building in order to engage and connect to its protected woodland setting. A cantilevered second story volume frames views, gestures to the landscape and allows the re-naturalized ravine planting to be drawn farther into the site“. Enjoy the virtual tour!