Spotted in Today and Tomorrow magazine, the work of Christopher Derek Bruno is something you don’t bump into everyday.  His paintings show a different representation of miscellaneous shapes and depending on the angle you are watching them from, come up together as unitary works of art and complex compositions. Basically, it’s all about perspectives and angles. In case you are looking to add some (interesting and distinguished) artistic elements to your contemporary home, Christopher Derek Bruno’s work might be an interesting choice.

The paint is fixed on carefully arranged wood tiles. The artist played with basic shapes, such as rectangles and circles and added strong tones of colour. The artwork collection is simply called “Lenticular Compositions”, tending to manipulate the forms and educate the viewer in the spirit of three dimensional art. His work is really remarkable, giving you the feeling that you are experiencing the world with 3D glasses on your eyes, only without…the glasses. Exploring the boundaries of perspective and giving a different value to it, Christopher Derek Bruno creates sophisticated bold art. Do you like the output?