When it comes to small apartments, functionality and comfort are the two main “issues” that need to be taken into account. The greatest challenge as a designer is to create (or at least give the feeling that there is) more space then it actually…is. The Australian Minosa Design Studio designed this small apartment of a family of five in Bondi Beach, Sydney, trying to solve the problem of space. The studio is specialized in stand-alone design concepts for contemporary bathrooms and kitchens, so the client’s request to adjust the small space and create a larger one, by adding an extra floor and creating a fun, functional and “stiffed” with appliances kitchen was pretty interesting and challenging.

The heart of the kitchen consists of a ten-seater table, luscious (and with an expendable part). It incorporated plenty of shelves that can be easily hidden. This was a very interesting approach towards the designers’ solution. They chose to simply “hide” parts of the kitchen, under white and luscious sliding doors, in order to create more space. The apartment is all painted in white, so the idea of massive sliding walls embracing the kitchen area was a bright one (basically, this creates a seamless transition between environments). The result: a chic, smart and charming small apartment.