Mexican architectural firm Muñoz Arquitectos Asociados developed a modern residence in Mérida, México with an original positioning and layout. The construction site of Casa Entre Arboles is shaped like a rectangular field which accommodates no less than 52 trees of different types and sizes. The services areas (garage, utility room, laundry room) were located closest to the road. The main residence with the bedrooms, kitchen and dining room was built near the largest and most beautiful trees around.

The third volume of the project was developed closer to the golf course and consists of a large swimming pool and a covered patio. According to the architects, in order to join the buildings, a housing axis was envisioned, one that runs from north to south: “This flows through the body and gives unity to the whole. By doing this walk from side to side of the house you go through wooded areas outside and inside the rooms, each time reinforcing the idea of a house full of site sensitivity and respect for nature“. The interiors are spacious and bright, enriched by original furniture units and art decorations.