Having an irregular shape, the Offset House reflects the complicated site geometry. Located in Sao Paolo, Brazil, the curious and particular residence, was designed by Shieh Arquitetos Associados. Neat, clean and surrounded by palm trees, the Offset House offers a wonderful living experience. The abundance of open spaces aims to deeply connect the inhabitants with nature (becoming an essential element of their well-being). Composed of two different sections, the house spreads on two different levels. What the architects really wanted to deliver was a neat and contemporary house, without being too edgy.

Even though it might look like a complicated house (due to the irregular shaping), the architecture is simple, following the streams of a minimalist design (rich in straight and long lines). The trees are integrated in the courtyard’s dynamic, offering a beautiful view and overall, giving you the feeling of a very relaxing environment. Natural elements such as stone, pebbles and wood blend wonderfully. The interior is breezy and simple. The perfect place for dreaming and  “loading your batteries”. How do you find it? Would you like to live here?