A stylish dental clinic in the Netherlands really caught our attention with its unique design. As we all know, the dominant feeling when going to the dentist is undoubtably, fear. No one goes there expressing a strong personality or an overdose of courage. In order to cheer a little the (frightened) patients, Shift Architecture + Urbanism, the design studio responsible with renewing this historic building and transforming it into a clinic with four treatment rooms, created a relaxed environment, a space dedicated to serenity and joy. A splash of bright orange colour and here we are: a little less worried about the teeth problems!

If you are a patient, the best thing to do when you face your nightmares while sitting on the dentist chair is to enjoy the view. Located in a truly particular green area, surrounded by trees and lush vegetation, the place aims to make you worry less about your pain. The splash of orange exhales positive thoughts (orange being the colour of vitality with endurance).  The new exterior keeps the architectural shape of the previous house, integrating it (partially) into the rural landscape. The materials used for redesigning it are zinc with clad. Despite keeping the archetypical form, the house looks very modern.  “A roof light enables the patient to relate with the outside, even during the treatment. A large ‘flower window’, that also serves as a bench, floods the rooms with daylight and provides both the dentists and the patients with a framed view of the surrounding green.” The idea behind this project was to offer a more comfortable feeling to those who by necessity end up in the dentist’s chair.