Valle de Bravo, México, is the home of an amazing project that consists of a beautiful complex of four houses, all located in the intimacy of a beautiful private garden. An exquisite display of natural wood, used in defining the structures and the interior, enhance the feeling of belonging right in the middle of the staggering natural landscape. The project, called Chipicas Town Houses, was developed by the Mexican based studio,  Alejandro Sanchez Garcia Arquitectos. The vertical stripes offer a unique exotic look, making room for a breezy and zen atmosphere. Floor to ceiling windows offer unique perspectives upon the site. The interiors are really modern and clean, keeping a fresh and updated look. The bedrooms are upstairs and the view is nothing but stunning, giving you the feeling that you are inhaling the woods.

Each of the four houses is structured on three levels. What is really amazing is that the houses “accommodate” roof gardens. Who wouldn’t choose such a an exotic home for an extra drop of romantic atmosphere? Imagine watching the sky at dusk, as it turns to black. The natural feel is revealed especially through the abundance of wood. Due to the use of wooden lattice, the houses look really interesting, like gorgeous little vacations resorts.