From afar, this modern residence developed by the creative team at Andres Remy Arquitectos looks like a black and white monolith, pierced by glazing from place to place. The Grand Bell House project is located 50km away from Buenos Aires, Argentina, but its architecture has little to do with the tradition of the area. This building is as modern as it gets with its simple color palette, minimalist arrangements, floor to ceiling windows and focus on functionality.

The residence is structured on two levels: “The bedrooms, situated at the front, have an excellent orientation, while the master suite stays private and benefits from fabulous views. An outdoor green space greets the owners as they enter their contemporary Argentinian house. The pool, located along the lot, has the best orientation and passes under the playroom volume, becoming the protagonist of the house with its 19 meters in length“. The swimming pool can be seen from any part of the residence and can even be accessed unconventionally, by diving in from the second level.