One of the major advantages of the Skyline House in Texas is definitely the panoramic view over the city (of Austin). The work of Dick Clark Architecture, this stylish house is envisioned as a place that connects the inhabitant with the natural landscape. Surrounded by lively oaks and by the abundance of luxuriant vegetation, the site is definitely the place to be, if you are seeking for a nice and calm home environment, with stylish details and gorgeous finishes. The Skyline House follows the natural topography: it’s long and linear, with plenty of open spaces, inducing a relaxing state of mind.

Breathe in and explore the boundaries of style. In case you are looking for a place that can easily be adapted for a party, this might just be it. The rooms are spacious and designed in a neutral palette of colours, focusing more on what the site has to offer. “Stucco, stone and zinc create a natural and low-maintenance exterior, while floor-to-ceiling glass and deep overhangs create spaces that are both dramatic and comfortable.” You can enjoy beautiful sunrises and spectacular dusks, as the city goes to sleep. Do you like it?