Ward+Blake Architects completed the design for a residence located in a perfect natural setting in Wilson, Wyoming, United States.  According to the architects, “the project was sited on a low lying wetland that demanded consideration due to a high water table. The solution to this problem was to elevate the house three feet above existing grade and to utilize an insulated slab on grade to avoid the probability of fostering mold growth in a crawl space“. Charming ponds, a neighboring forest and the mountains beyond make this dwelling a dream home.

Sustainability was a key factor to consider when developing the design: “Carbon footprint issues were addressed by utilizing 100% reclaimed material for the exterior siding and otherwise specifying materials that required no maintenance ie: cor-ten roofing and fascia detailing. New wood that was used received a water soluble lifetime finish that slowly weathered to a protective base coat over time. Wood sash windows of teak further reduced the exterior maintenance issues“. Enjoy the design and the views!