The Mexican designer, Joel Escalona created for the Opening Week of the Design Week México, “Hecho en México” exhibition, the Boleanos, a piece of furniture that creates an incredible optical effect for the viewer. Striking simplicity, raw lines, an interesting blend of colours, Boleanos is an item inspired by the concepts of construction and deconstruction. Boleanos is a set of three units that express the power of irregular shapes. The artist was not afraid to experiment with different wood layers, in order to create a truly extravagant and trendy furniture design.

The items create a very interesting optical effect. Boleanos fits people with exquisite (edgy) tastes, that try to add a shade of unconventional in their lives. Simple but striking, Boleanos defies logic, giving you the feeling that the blocks composing the units are about to topple over. “Chaotic” but visually pleasant, this is something that definitely attracted our attention and made us share it with you. Talking about his project, Joel Escalona (the artist) states: “This cabinet was designed by using different wood finishes, each piece is rectangular with seemingly similar components, which when combined, create totally different colors and textures, highlighting the richness of the materials.”