This coffee table design by Amy Whitworth from QUBIS HAUS is plain lovely. Multi-leveled and multi-functional, the piece looks original and can also serve as a playing grounds when transformed into a doll house. Its smooth texture inspires warmth and the carved squares induce a sense of friskiness. But will the design not cause a conflict of interests when installed in its rightful place in the living room? Won’t young ladies jump at it during coffee brakes?

Here is a short project description from the developers: “QUBIS HAUS is a coffee table that transforms into a doll’s house with the simple addition of sliding panels made from wood and perspex, enabling the ‘designer’ to create different room layouts.The table is made in solid birch ply wood and has clean modern lines making it a beautiful piece of living room furniture as well as a center for children to play“. Be sure to have a look at the video to see how the doll house can be customized!