Vitor Vilhena Architects developed a modern residence situated in a beautiful setting included in Estate of Arrifóias, Alentejo, Portugal, where nature and topography have very specific features. Respecting the terrain entirely, the project was imagined in total communion with its natural surroundings. The residence has a total area of 175 square meters and is composed of two volumes, which come together in an “L”-shape, maximizing the southern sun exposure.

From afar, this modern home in Odemira resembles a giant white moving structure that seems to make its way up the hill. As you approach it, more “human elements” start to appear in sight, such as a friendly outdoor terrace and a swimming pool. The interiors are yet to be decorated, but you can tell that the house does not lack space or natural light. [Photos and information received via e-mail by Vitor Vilhena Architects ]