A unique system of architectural furniture has made us simply look at each other and say: “Wow, this is a very interesting concept worth sharing with everybody interested in interior design!”. The Magnetic Spirit is supposed to be ‘an innovative concept’ as Benoit Bayol, one of the brilliant minds behind it stated in a recent mail. As long as you are creative, you have the power to express yourself as a free individual. This seems to be the very heart of this amazing concept that stimulates your imagination. It is a fun item, for you can move it, change its position, create different ‘stories’ on the walls.

It works on a patented magnetic fixing system, so basically it sticks on the wall without doing to much of an effort. The beauty of it is that it confers you freedom and the only tool you have to use is your creative mind. In the blink of an eye you reinvent your old, dusty place. Sharp, edgy and contemporary, the Magnetic Spirit is the exact type of broad element of décor design that will embellish your home instantly. Extremely practical, you can use Magnetic Spirit as shelf for books or cassettes. In fact, there are no boundaries: you can put whatever you feel like -small objects of art, your favourite mug or event photos. Find your own story and arrange Magnetic Spirit according to…your mood swings. Here’s a video that explains what exactly Magnetic Spirit is and how does it work: