The Edgemoor Residence is located in a post-war neighborhood in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. Recently restored and redesigned by David Jameson Architect, the house displays plenty of contemporary details, without interfering with its exterior traditional look: “The original corner-lot house was torn down to the foundation walls and first floor deck, and rebuilt as a composition of both modern and traditional forms”. The gable roof is said to establish a dialogue with the nearby buildings.

Once inside, spacious interiors, seemingly endless white walls, minimalist furniture arrangements and generously-sized glass piercings set the tone for a modern-style home: “The entry defines a gallery that runs the length of the house, dividing the kitchen-dining room volume from the guest room-family room volume. The entry procession ends at the double-height master suite volume. An animated stairway overlooking the family room leads up to a catwalk between the guest rooms and a bridge to the media room”. How would you comment on the indoor-outdoor relationship of this project?