At Freshome we have a soft spot for multi-functional design and this simple, yet catchy product won our attention. A key holder that can also open bottles of beer, the KeyFlip by Jon Lota is a fun alternative to a key-chain and a more manly one as well. At the end of the post, you can have a look at how the project works, even though it is not so difficult to figure it out beforehand.

The designer explained the process on Kickstarter: “I have a small mill that I converted to a CNC that I have been making prototypes on. I originally made the KeyFlip out of MDF wood to test the concept. I then made it out of aluminum which made the KeyFlip strong, sturdy, and fashionable. It allows for 4 house/work keys to be flipped out at any time. I also used a small bushing to go inside the housing so the keys are not loose and slide out on their own. If you give a light push on the indented corner, the keys will rotate out”. Find it interesting?