Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance had an unusual source of inspiration when designing the chair “Market” for the publishing house Petite Friture. The minimalist  piece is partially mimics the structures and wood slats that form market stalls: “This project comes from one of the few places that makes the link between all social strata of a city, a village market. The market is also the only space that binds directly to the producer and the consumer and which constantly reminding us of our communication needs, meetings, exchange and simplicity.



The chair is composed of a solid structure and a wooden covering with slats, mounted on cork. According to the designer,”the slats fall naturally and freely on the rear of the backrest thus accentuating the distinction between the two elements of Market”. We personally appreciate its elegance and find it very easy to adapt to a variety of modern interiors. What do you think of this market-inspired chair?