Producks Design Studio together with Mika Barr, the creatives behind Ori, came up with this wonderful décor idea, that embellishes almost any type of space, creating a pleasant and delightful atmosphere. Ori stands for “folding” in Japanese and “light” in Hebrew. The whole idea of this lamp is that it can be folded and you can basically “define” its structure according to the printed pattern. If you choose to hang Ori somewhere in your garden, you will create a unique atmosphere. Just imagine a perfect summer evening on the terrace enjoying Ori’s fantastic glow.

The cloud-like light device can change its shape anytime. You just need to find that perfect spot for Ori and start “the transformation”. The interesting thing about it is that it creates a volume of light in a unique way. “Ori makes the user part of the process, giving him the opportunity to interfere in the final design and give it a unique shape.  The shape can be changed time and time again. The light coming through the fabric also reveals the inner geometric structure printed on the inside of the fabric.”