Ekaterina Avrutskaya (designer) and Alexander Akinkin (architect). came up with surprising design solutions for a home remodel in Moscow. The 13 Fox Masques Apartment was initially built in the mid 90s and therefore displayed a common layout and out-of-date arrangements. Discovered on Afflante, the recently transformed house is a fascinating mix of colors and textures, resulting in a fresh atmosphere throughout its interiors.

The core of the apartment is a living room with tall ceilings, invaded by light from generously-sized windows. Two large human face mask chairs in bright orange dynamize the  interior, contrasting the gray sofas and complementing the golden chandelier. A classic kitchen in gray with plenty of storage space and a traditional dining area add extra charm to this apartment in Moscow. Although most elements seem to contrast each other, the overall design is harmonious and inspiring. See any details you would like to emphasize on?