Following the streams of contemporary minimalism, the house in Herzlyia, Israel, has a slightly irregular shape, facilitating a good natural light distribution throughout the house. The project, designed by Sharon Neuman Architects studio, spreads over 215 square meters, it has one upper floor and a glossy terrace, where one can just sit, enjoy good cups of tea and smart conversations. There’s a very nice zen garden, surrounding the house, creating a relaxing and comfortable place where you can recharge your batteries! The minimal, raw-kind of exterior makes the house look neat, despite its asymmetry.

The architects chose to implement an eco-friendly idea, for a healthier lifestyle. “The house is planned with energy efficiency as one of the leading goals. A number of design details are utilised, among them: efficient insulating materials, southern walls have extra thickness, Adobe blocks i nserted in selected places for extra thermal mass; Also, rainwater and dew are collected and stored, water recycled where possible, and solar water heater is installed as well as a composting device.”  Flooded in a sea of white, the interior exhales brightness and exuberance and the smooth and subtle details used in completing the décor round out the house’s personality.