Robert D (Gourdlight) sent us photos of his beautiful Handmade Gourd Lamps, which feature perforations on the surface for original lighting effects.  According to the designer, the lampshades are made of gourd- amazing exotic fruit native in Africa, and at a very early date spread throughout the world by human migrations. The design of every lamp is achieved after carefully selecting dried shells of gourd fruit and drilling patterns into them.

Different parts and colors of the lampshades are designed by carving deeper or shallower into layers of wood. Every lamp has few thousands perforations in different diameters which allows light to shine through the lampshade and cast the patterns on the surrounding walls. Lamps are finished of with jewelery waxed strings which consort with the lamps design. Each of the lamp is unique because shape was originally created by nature and their designs are always varied. [Photos and information sent via e-mail by Gourdlight]