Harmonically combining steel, wood, stone and glass, this spectacular mansion, that impresses with its presence was designed by Jamie Bush. La Cañada Mid-Century is located at the foothills of Sierra Madre, in Los Angeles. Embracing the wonderful landscape, the house was envisioned as a project that focuses on bringing the exterior inside the house. That’s why most of the design elements are inspired or brought from the nature. “The decor is a mix of textured natural, neutral color and a materials palette with select and strategic pops of color throughout for a sense of surprise.”

Indeed, there are elements that seem to complete the “natural touch”,  without disturbing the order. The burst of colours, such as yellow in the kitchen or burgundy red in the living room, give a fresh and modern look to this “royal-like” mansion. The floor-to-ceiling windows invite the landscape inside. A smooth transition between the environments is therefore created. Cozy and inviting, La Cañada Mid-Century is exactly what you need when you feel the hectic lifestyle overwhelms you. The landscape is absolutely staggering, especially in wintertime, when nearby the fire place, you sit on the furry, tender carpets and you admire the nature’s wonders.