Have a look at this simple and very clever design by artist Klaas Kuiken !Especially developed for urban homes,where birds can be spotted less and less, the Birdhouse Rooftile perfectly integrates a nest into the design of a roof, while ensuring a proper environment for the birds themselves : “By applying an archetype house on a roof-tile, a striking new nesting place for city birds is created, which is not only a warm welcome for the birds but also more visible to us humans“.

The project consists of a special kit glued to the tile making it resistant to extreme temperatures, so it does not come loose during the winter frost. The package offered by the producers comes with the red small house, a special basket, a removable stick and maintenance information. You should also know that birds nest preferably in groups so applying several Birdhouse Rooftiles is therefore recommended. It is important to place the Birdhouse Rooftile on the north or east side, preferably out of full sun.