Spanish artist Maximo Riera is well known for his extravagant collection of “Animal Chairs” that encompasses over 15 pieces of art furniture, each depicting various animals, from mammals to reptiles. You may remember the designer’s Walrus Chair or Rhino Chair, both of which we presented a while back on Freshome. Toad sofa is the latest of the artist’s project, an intriguing looking furniture piece of generous dimensions in monochrome black, suited for an eclectic decor with modern influences.

A “love it or hate it” type of design, the Toad sofa manages to emphasize on the amphibian’s characteristics. The 3D replica in black may be overwhelming for some, but you have to admire its biological accuracy. No matter what the standpoint, the sculptural details are striking. How would you comment on this new furniture piece by Maximo Riera? Would you consider having the Toad Sofa in your home?