Grzywinski+Pons completed the Bayside Residence, a modern building especially envisioned for three generations living together in New York, United States. The 3200 square foot triplex home has access to a small yard and a generously-sized swimming pool. The architects explain their approach: “We disguised the bulk of this project, complied with zoning regulations and kept it lower than most of it’s mock tudor neighbors by locating much of the program below grade with a second yard excavated away from the street elevation. The retaining walls and glazing were configured to allow maximum daylight penetration and the two lower levels feature contiguous interior and exterior public space”.

The interiors of the Bayside Residence showcase bright and open spaces and interesting functional design ideas: “We didn’t see the inclusion of young children and grandparents and that intention as mutually exclusive so we created lots and lots of strategically placed and evenly distributed built in storage and specified finishes that were as durable and warm as they were toothsome”. The overall color palette is neutral, inspiring stylish modern living, despite its relative soberness.