For those who think that Mexico is that loud place, rich in contrasting colours and crowded narrow “barrio” houses, meet the Valna House, a gorgeous residential project, defined by JSa Arquitectura, in 2012. Neat and immaculate, this L-shaped house connects the interior to the exterior through large windows and smooth open areas, creating a cozy and comfortable living space. Thanks to the sliding floor-to-ceiling windows, you can enjoy the summer landscape blossoming right in front of you, from the intimacy of your living room.

The  open space kitchen offers a magnificent view over the glossy deck and the “wall of plants”. The entrance is also made of solid glass. The entire space gives you the feeling of freedom and relaxation, being fond of transparence and nature. The luxuriant vegetation is part of the (exterior) décor. The interior is rich in wood, enhancing that particular feeling of “natural”. The façade is clean and immaculate, appealing for those who seek peacefulness. The pallete of materials reflect the tendency of sticking with the authentic elements, such as: limestone, wood, exposed concrete and…vegetation. Elegant, bright and inspiring, this is definitely a serene “shelter”. Agree?