Roger Ferris + Partners completed the Sound House, a modern residence located in Fairfield, Connecticut, USA. The house showcases an original vertical development and is situated on a narrow waterfront site. According to the architects, its design “responds to strict site land coverage and setback requirements, as well as FEMA guidelines regulating first floor elevation and setbacks from the shoreline. Side yard zoning rules limit the building width to less than twenty-eight feet. The angled entry wall creates, within these constraints, an opportunity to capture sunlight, orient views, and provide formal interest“.

Sound House mixes privacy and transparency with an overall harmonious effect. Clad in stained cypress, the residence stands out chromatically and offers a visual treat from afar. Once inside, a potential visitor is likely to be impressed by the perfect views and immaculate modern design: “The interior finishes continue the loft aesthetic, with kitchen cabinets of natural white oak and ribbed glass doors. Counters and back splashes are granite. Floors are white oak throughout. Interior illumination includes indirect up lights and recessed down lights“. Have a look and tell us what you think!